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TBKratom "About the Different Types of Kratom Leaves"

TBKratom "About the Different Types of Kratom Leaves"
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Kratom plant harvesting, drying, and processing happen in several different ways. The unique techniques used to make the products contribute to the differences in most Kratom strains available today. Typically speaking, three Kratom leaf categories are used in Kratom strain categorization- White Vein, Red Vein, and Green Vein. Kraton leaves have distinctive leaf venation patterns on their undersides, and that is what the term "vein" refers to.
  • In most cases, the leaf veins on younger Kratom trees are lighter in color and are called White Vein.
  • Once the Kratom trees are fully mature, veins on their leaves start blending in with the leaf color, and they are called Green Vein.
  • As the Kratom leaves get more mature, the leaf veins begin to turn brownish or reddish, and the variety is called Red Vein.
Note- It is essential to note that all Kraton leaves do not necessarily undergo this leaf color transformation in the exact same way. Several variables become the determining factors in Kratom leaf veins colors, such as nutrient absorption, soil type, genetics, and the sunlight the Kratom plant receives during its life cycle. This is also what makes the strains different from one another. Timing is everything in Kratom leaf harvesting. When this occurs at certain times during the tree's lifespan, a White Vein Kratom leaf can transform into a Green Vein Kratom within months. Given sufficient time, the green-veined leaves will transform into the Red Vein Variant within a matter of one or two years. The vast majority of leaves are harvested in the Red Vein stage. The post-harvest techniques used during processing determine the powder’s associated alkaloid profile and color. It is crucial to track Kratom leaves as they grow, which is why Kratom cultivators follow highly accurate harvesting schedules so that the final product has the required amounts of Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein kratom.

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