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TBKratom "Experiences of opiate drug addicts and alcoholics who switch to using kratom"

TBKratom "Experiences of opiate drug addicts and alcoholics who switch to using kratom"
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On a sunny weekend Mark, Linda, Patricia and Robert spend time in the park and tell each other their experiences of being addicted to opiates and alcohol and then switching to kratom.

Patricia : My doctor prescribed me some medicines after my surgery and I became very dependent on them. Kratom helped me stop taking the pill and I haven't taken a pill in 4 years. Kratom also gives me energy that I don't have. I am a 55 year old woman with a sedentary job and I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain. I take kratom to help with my daily life. It helps give me a lot of energy and takes focus away from my pain and anxiety.

Mark: I was addicted to opiates for about 12 years. It started as a back injury and prescription percocet, then progressed to oxycontin, and finally turned into a drug addiction. I tried quitting several times but relapsed each time when the withdrawal and depression were too severe. I spend every penny I have on drugs just to maintain and not get sick. Nothing worked for me to stop until I discovered kratom. It was a miracle. It allowed me to finally quit opiates once and for all. That was 6 years ago and I have never had a relapse. My wife used it to stop drinking after she ended up in the ICU from alcohol withdrawal around the same time I quit. We've both been drug and alcohol-free for 6 years now thanks to kratom. It gave me peace of mind and it really changed our lives for the better. Anyone who says kratom is bad has an agenda they want you to believe. The truth is that kratom is an inexpensive and harmless treatment for pain and addiction recovery.

Linda: Kratom is a godsend! After struggling with drug addiction, opioid addiction to pills and other stimulants for nearly 20 years every day. I was introduced to kratom. I thought what the heck I had been on drugs for so long might as well what other substances I thought. Little did I know that he was the one who opened the door to normality for me. After properly educating myself about kratom and using it responsibly, I have managed to rid myself of any and ALL opioids. I really can't put into words the transformation that has taken place in my life since being able to get off drugs and heroin because of kratom.

Robert: I've been battling addiction for over a decade. I switched from alcohol to painkillers, back to alcohol, and then to more opiates. If I stop drinking, I will end up swallowing pills; if I give up a pill, it's never long before I have a bottle of liquor in my hand. I have been cold turkey and I have tried medically assisted treatments, all to no avail. I discovered kratom 21 months ago and it literally saved my life. I have been completely opiate and alcohol free for almost 2 years! Kratom got rid of most of my worst withdrawal symptoms within 45 minutes of taking it. It got rid of my stomach cramps, RLS, lower back pain, and muscle aches. . . I can even sleep. It also helps with cravings, mood swings, and depression that go hand in hand with detox and withdrawal. Two years ago I was homeless and living outside my car. Today I have a house, a car, a job and stability. I wish more addicts were aware and informed about kratom as an option for self-medication. Affordable, achievable, natural and WORKS.


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