1 April 2022 12:49 pm

TBKratom "How to Harvest and Process Kratom Leaves to Become Flour Powder"

TBKratom "How to Harvest and Process Kratom Leaves to Become Flour Powder"
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Here's the Process of Kratom Leaves Into Flour:

1. Harvesting Fresh Kratom Leaves In harvesting it is better to harvest in the morning and choose fresh old leaves that are green.
2. Kratom Leaf Transport After picking, transport the kratom leaves in a net bag to the shelter. Avoid excessive accumulation of kratom leaves to avoid damage due to hot temperatures. If kratom is stacked for too long, the pile will generate heat which can damage kratom's nutritional content and physical condition.
3. Storage and Washing In the washing process, put the kratom leaves into the washing tub to remove dirt, both dust and other impurities. After cleaning, store the kratom leaves on the storage rack.
4. Sort Kratom Leaves The process of processing kratom leaves to become powdered flour, the next is sorting or the selection process between viable, defective, and damaged leaves after the kratom leaves are separated from the leaf bones.
5. Kratom Leaf Drain This draining is done so that the adhering water is completely gone, so that during the next drying process there are no more leaves that are too wet.
6. Drying Kratom Leaves During the drying process, to get good quality, dry the leaves without being exposed to sunlight. Drying kratom leaves only aerated in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight. In the drying process must be carried out until it is completely dry, so it takes a few days.
7. Kratom Leaf Storage Keep the right leaves, choose leaves that are really dry and clean. Then store and Kratom in a tightly closed container.
8. Dry Kratom Observation The process of processing kratom leaves into powdered flour is an important process because it will affect the quality of the kratom flour. Notice before the kratom is crushed whether the leaves change color or not? Or is the leaf dryness level still maintained or not?
9. Flouration of Dried Kratom Leaves For the flouring process, you can use a flouring machine such as a rice flour machine made of stainless steel. Do the flouring process until the kratom leaves really become a fine powder.
10. Kratom Sifting Sort the flour and sieve it with a stainless steel sieve to produce a very fine level of fineness. Also separate the flour whose grains are still coarse and already fine. After the process of processing kratom leaves into powdered flour is complete, you can pack the powder according to a certain dose you want. To produce high-quality kratom quality, you must really do the steps correctly.

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