28 Maret 2022 10:06 am

TBKratom "Thousands hectares of kratom plants in Kapuas Hulu are attacked by pests"

TBKratom "Thousands hectares of kratom plants in Kapuas Hulu are attacked by pests"
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Thousands of hectares of kratom plants belonging to farmers in West Kalimantan Province  have been attacked by pests or caterpillars in the last two months, resulting in crop failure.
"Since the last two months, around 35 thousand hectares of kratom plants, both cultivated and natural, have been attacked by caterpillars, so not a few of our kratom plants have died because of these pests," said A farmer.
He explained that the farmers had tried to eradicate the pests, but every time they were sprayed with pesticides, a few days later, the caterpillars came again. 
"About 85 percent of kratom plants on the banks of the river are currently attacking caterpillars in West Kalimantan If you calculate the area, it is around 35 thousand hectares," he said. 
According to him, normally in one month the farmers can harvest twice, but for the past two months they have not been able to harvest at all because of the caterpillar attack. "Our losses could reach hundreds of millions of rupiah," he said.
Currently, farmers can only see kratom leaves being eaten by caterpillars, in fact farmers can deal with pesticides regularly to kill the caterpillars. But they chose to ignore it, because currently the price of kratom is dropping, so it is not worth the cost for spraying. "We are disappointed with the current price," he said.

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